For Individuals

  1. Numerology:

Numerology professes co relationship of Name and Birth Star or Birth time.  Some adhere to traditional names, but approach us at times of conflicts in Life.  Suggestions of some numerologists  often lack many things.

  1. Horoscopy:

Horoscopy is a discretely science of probabilities of astrology with many variables that need due attention.  We undertake to prepare horoscopes based on the planetary position at the time of birth with transitional updates.


  1. Business or Education:

Like you select a Life partner, there are some guidelines in choosing the Business partners.  Many factors include even the Cardinal direction. Seek the advice of an astro-numerologist before making a huge investment.

  1. Horoscope Matching:

Matching of horoscopes requires deep study. Matching is done by many astrologers superfluously without looking into the intricacies. We undertake matching in horoscopes in detail with proper remedial suggestions

Astrological Queries:

Horoscopes may contain the astrological info that reflects previous birth and the family a person is born in.   Vices done in previous birth shows up as diseases in the present birth.  Anka Sastra postulates that the  virtues and sins alter the results, recommends Good Deeds in addition to Medication are believed to yield fruitful results.

Why Predictions fail often?

Doctor may prescribe a medicine with or without positive results. Similarly, a person may undergo experiments at low level accrue all sequel may leave all brunt with the client. We undertake tertiary level. Like evidence based medication.

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