Prophesies and Predictions. Hareendran

Some people may doubt whether astrology is a prophecy! When considering someone
who prognosticates, predicts the future, looks at future trends etc. then the astrologer
also may fall under this category. When an ordained person predicts, in a way that God
communicated through him, often works out as warnings to avoid a catastrophe,
whereas an astrologer derives his predictions on the basis of planetary conditions
mathematically and his announcement would be as the stars and planets.

A prophecy becomes a guideline but often lacks the element of time, and acts as a tool
to warn us to be prepared for the unexpected eventualities, and often show up unnoticed.
A prediction is a forecast based on the parameters of the subject involved. What a
teacher can predict a particular student will have a successful career from the
experience, but an undue death in an accident is beyond his perception. A
debate may
turn to be inconclusive
and experts cease to be experts. Prophecy gains the level of
prediction when the time zone is derived.
Predictions in the twelfth Canto of Bhagavatam
regarding the future kings who will appear in Kaliyuga in different dynasties, especially
the Maura turn to be a mystery for Historians who can just wonder how Vedavyasa
derived them millenniums ahead.
The oracle was known as Ashareeri (voice from an unseen person) played key roles in
many of the major incidents of stories related to Mahabharata.
Kamsa was informed by
an oracle that the eighth son of his sister
Devaki would kill him. Ventriloquism is not
heard to exist In India those times to warn the king without being identified. Confused
mind doubted the order of sequence to start from middle or last killed the first six
nephews. Kamsa had been killed by Krishna during dhanuryaga.
Poets being born as poet by God, their dictions often turn to be oracle. Kālidāsa was a
great poet who was an instant composer, lived in Ujjain at the time of King Bhoja, and
was a court poet. King was eager to hear his
charama sloka (funeral song) that Kalidasa
refused because the song would invariably end in the death of the king. King took it as
disobedience and sent him out of the palace. King could not depart Kalidasa that he
searched in the guise of a sooth teller, who on meeting Kalidasa, lied that King Bhoja is
no more. Kalidasa composed a poem in grief:
Atya tara niradhara niralamba saraswathy |
Pranitha nindita sarve bhoj raje divam gathe ||
Which means a condition that Tara kingdom is deserted, Goddess of knowledge is
unsupported, and scholars are insulted as Bhoja has gone to heaven. As he saw the
visitor collapsing, realized he was none other than the king Bhoja that he immediately
reversed the poem that Goddess Durga revived Bhoja, hearing:

atya tara sadha tara sadalamba saraswathy |
panditha manditha sarve bhoj rajo bhuvam gathe ||
Destiny took its toll, as the revival was temporary for just 3 ¾ Nazhika (Approximately 1
¼ Hours). King joined Kālidāsa in composing an epic called Bhoj Sambu. Kunchan
Nambiar, one among the First-Trio-poets in Kerala met with fate as he uttered “death
after a dog bite” whose end was due to rabies from dog bite..
Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame), a French physician and reputed seer best known
for his book Les Propheties, Nostradamus wrote his first set of Quatrains, four line
predictions, in 1555 and the books are hot selling cakes still now. Prophesies are cast in
four line verses, which some way articulates with the future events. He has been
credited, for the most famous
Nostradamean Prophacies that includes the London fire
predicted for ’66 took place in 1666 in the next century, whereas the death of Hendry II
France (older one) who died in the hands of Comte de Montgomery whose lance tilted
up injuring Hendry severely who died after ten days. Both had lions on their shields
corresponds to prophasy
“The young lion will overcome the older one”. Another quatrain
“These will in the future by headless idiots” became true in French Revolution
in which the Aristocratic people (princes and lords) were locked in prisons and beheaded
by Guillotine.
Another prediction ‘Takes the Goddess of the Moon’, Diana is Roman Goddess of Moon,
and the name corresponds with Princess Diana who died in a car crash.
There is a belief
that some a minor planet is involved in oracles. Different ways of
power suggestions may
change life, owing to its psychological influences, irrespective of casual or deliberate
remarks. Even the gestures, tones, and implications matter just as much as their words.
Positive influence begets positive suggestions. Think about whom you spend the most
time with, and make sure that they bring positive energy—that alone will help to create
more positive outcomes in your life. Children may be sensitive grasps everything without
reasoning are adversely affected even by simple comments.
debate may turn to be inconclusive: some of their territories interlace or miss out.
Predictions in the 12th Canto of Bhagavatam: Ch. 1 Mentions about Chanakya too.
Kālidāsa: Spontaneous Poet one among 9 Gem Courtesan of Vikramadithya (Bhoja).
Kamsa: born to
Queen of Mathura from a demon who came in the form of Ugrasena.
Nostradamus: A French Doctor, poet famous for predictions in stanza of 4 lines.
power suggestions: implanted psychologically what stars or prophecies miss out.
Ventriloquism: talking without lip movement appears to be from a different source.
whether astrology is a prophecy: Not exactly, since astro-predictions are derived.
Nostradamean Prophacies: many have happened, except doomsday in July 1999.